pátek 1. února 2013


 *FRANCES *(1982)
Directed by Graeme Clifford
140 minutes
In English

The 1980s bio-pic about the restless and uncompromising Hollywood actress
Frances Farmer. Frances was on her way to becoming one of the world's
leading actresses- but she had a wild streak that she wouldn't let go of.
After being stopped one day for speeding she ended up getting into a
fistfight with a policeman. One thing lead to another and from cherished
movie star her life fell to the very bottom, since she was considered
rebellious and subversive by the police. Frances was locked away and would
end up spending much of her life in mental institutions. And, hey... it all
really happened.

This is a great film about what happens when you refuse to play the game
and stick to what you believe in....for true individuals our society has
its own special type of revenge. As a woman in the 1950s, she refused to
just shut up and be a pretty puppet...so this dramatic film is more or less
the true story about her life. Jessica Lange gives a performance of a life
time in the lead role. Also starring Sam Shepard... and the music is by
John Barry.

Filmmaker Kenneth Anger in his book HOLLYWOOD BABYLON dedicated a chapter
to her and christened her "ST. FRANCES". Kurt Cobain of NIRVANA obviously
identified with her plight and would later record the song "Frances Farmer
Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle".

Pretoriusstraat 43
Film starts @ 21:00
Free admission