pátek 22. ledna 2010

Gas Alert! Contribution to the Critique of an Ultra-Sinister Ideology

by Jean-Patrick Manchette

Here and elsewhere, I have shown my interest in the small ultra-Left factions that have made a critique of anti-fascism one of their battle horses. When this tendency went as far as publishing Historical Truth or Political Truth? a work that supports Robert Faurisson and his affirmations of the nonexistence of the gas chambers,[1] I reviewed that work here in a, shall we say, unfavorable manner, but lukewarmly and in a benign tone.

Shortly after the attack on the rue Copernic,[2] this tendency published a text called Our Kingdom is a Prison, which was signed by a string of small Marxist and libertarian groups, and distributed it during anti-Nazi demonstrations. Reiterating the ultra-Left critique of anti-fascism, this tract more clearly than ever took up Faurisson's theses. Thus, it is no longer possible to speak of this tendency in a benign tone. It is not adequate to appeal, in a totalitarian tone [sur un ton concentrationnaire], to "isolate these sick and contagious elements," as does a counter-text that I have refused to support. We must critique these elements from the ground up, because they have become delirious. In what follows, I will use the means at my disposal, which should be sufficient to deal with these pieces of shit.

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