neděle 6. června 2010

Holland: Anarchist perspective on the squatting ban

There have been many discussions in and of indymedia about how to deal with the upcoming squatting ban. There seems to be a lot of diversity between those who see squatting as simply a housing-thing and those who see it as a means of political struggle. -- We as an anarchist collective have the following view and call out. ---- This text is in English because we as anarchists are internationalists without borders. (And this way the giant, violent hordes of barbaric Italian and Polish squatters that the media keeps writing about can also read along!) ---- Firstly, we find it very disturbing that the indymedia-editors have removed a posting by a certain self-proclaimed Michael Bakunin. Even if you do not agree with his or her or their statements indymedia should be a website where freedom of speech is not in danger because conservative propagandists like GeenStijl are trying to make money out of it.

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