pondělí 20. září 2010

On October, 1st, 2010, squatting becomes illegal and heavily criminalized in the Netherlands.

Resistance is organizing, and needs your support.

* Squatters and friends: contact the infopoint, visit De Halle on Bellamyplein, Amsterdam, go to vokus, give-away shops and squatter events and make things happen!
* Foreigners: we invite you to join forces and come in numbers. You will have sleeping space and food. Bring your gear!
* Press: this is a historical event, show it!

Infopoint @ De Hallen

Action Comité Amsterdamse Boefjes
Bellamyplein, 8-10
Amsterdam, NL

Opening hours: everyday from 18:00 to 21:00. (Ring the bell)

If you can't come, you can still contact us by email (whatever [x] squat.net) We appreciate support. If you're planning to come from abroad you should definitely check in.
How You Can Help

* Squatters are not criminals: show the world what you're busy with at the Dam Sleeping Action on September 25th
* Activity groups are forming to prepare the week of events from 25/09 to 01/10 (but it's only a beginning)
* Posters, stickers and leaflets are available for printing.
* We need more people and more materials, furniture, tools...
* More detailed information here

Squatting is not a crime!

One in every six people on this planet is a squatter. Around the world, the land is owned by roughly 1/6th of the population. So there are as many squatters as owners, and two thirds of the population pay rent, a feodal heritage. Squatting is a necessity for many.

Banks lure workers into giving away everything they ever earned and saved to fullfill a dream: owning their own home; then take it all back, plus taxes, all at the expense of the public. Who is the criminal?

Squatters reclaim empty space for housing and social centers, mostly from the companies that own large domains and practice speculation (keeping a building empty for years to increase its price while entire families are on the waiting lists for a roof.) Who is the criminal?

Check the Wikipedia article on Squatting for more info.

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