pondělí 13. prosince 2010

2,000 locals attack riot police with molotovs, sticks, stones and gun shots in Keratea, Attic

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In the past two days, local residents of the area of Keratea in Attica (Greater Athens) have been engaged in a fierce battle with riot police (MAT). The riot police are there to protect the construction of a waste burial site (HITA). Such burial sites have not only been judged to be illegal by European courts but additionally, the site in Keratea is of archeological significance.

On Saturday, riot police arrived at the site to protect the ongoing construction works from the enraged locals. Clashes quickly erupted, with locals attacking the police with sticks, stones and scores of molotov cocktails. The police responded with tear gas while for the first time ever in Greece, water cannons also made their appearance. On Sunday evening, gunshots were aimed in the direction of the police from nearby hills.


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