pondělí 5. července 2010

Property is impossible?

We're getting closer to the river's edge, but we're not quite prepared to "take our draught" yet.

It has always seemed to me that libertarian property theory is prone to leaping straight to property's defense—the occasions for legitimate use of force—without lingering overlong on just what it is defending. The broader the discussion—and terms like "left-libertarian" and "market anarchist" attempt to cover pretty broad swathes of ideological territory—the more pronounced the problem. The left-libertarian theory of a "spectrum" of abandonment theories seems to me pretty sound, and useful, but I have my doubts that you could accomplish the same sort of semi-accord on the acquisition end of things. There's probably a "spectrum" of positions on property acquisition, but the differences are of a different character than those relating to abandonment. Abandonment, after all, is a matter of individual intention or attention. We may differ over how inattentive or dismissive of one's property one has to be before abandoning the rights associated with it, but we can pursue the question at great lengths without ever calling into question the very possibility of property.

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