pondělí 5. července 2010

Rough Guide to Thessaloniki July 4th, 2010

Holidaying in Greece this year? Lucky you. Be sure and visit barthelonika restaurant, 3 Venizelou Str in the Rogoti Arcade, 1st floor, tel. 2310 225 242.

Is the food there good? It ought to be, since the workers there have fired their boss and intend to run it themselves:

Two weeks ago the owners of the restaurant announced us that the establishment was not going well and that it would close down for the three summer months – and further, that it was uncertain wether it would reopen in September and how many of us would work – and under what working conditions. They also announced us that all the workers at the restaurant would be fired immediately while firing compensations would only start to be paid out in October… that is, of course, if they had any money to pay the compensations out.

[...] The restaurant Barthelonika will be under our control, through our general assembly. Decisions concerning its running will be taken by majority and will be respected by all us co-workers. Whatever remains from profit after expenses will be distributed equally among all co-workers.

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