neděle 4. července 2010

Two new anarchist journals online

July 1st, 2010

I love magazines! These are available online and this is just a plug not a review. More substantive thoughts after I get time to look at them.

First, neighbours Workers Solidarity Movement have a new political magazine, The Irish Anarchist Review.

This magazine will explore ideas and practical struggles that can teach us about building a revolutionary movement today. We decided to cease printing Red & Black Revolution, and start this project, aimed at provoking debate and discussion among anarchists and the left. For this purpose, we will be pursuing a non-sectarian approach, taking ideas from various left currents, mainstream discourse, and reflections on experiences of life and struggle.

And from the USA, Workers Solidarity Alliance present Ideas & Action online:

It is our desire to make ideas & action a vibrant forum for insight and analysis from a class struggle anarchist point of view. Since we all learn from each other’s arguments and experiences, we hope ideas & action will contribute to raising the understanding of the movement as a whole and aid in developing a collective approach towards the struggles of our class. We invite broad participation in the project.

All the best with these projects.

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