pátek 21. srpna 2009

Occupation Day 12: Negotiations Stop, Rallies to Continue

Submitted by haloka on Tue, 08/18/2009 - 13:08

Talks broke down between Rosemary Williams and the companies preventing her from owning her home, organizers revealed Tuesday at 3138 Clinton Ave. But plans were also announced about how the eviction resistance will continue.

The offer from GMAC and Aurora Loan Services - two of the plethora of companies in the picture (a hard-to-follow flowchart was handed out on Tuesday) - was for Williams to rent the home, reportedly at $850 a month, for a mere 12-month period with no option to buy and no guarantees against a future rent increase. Without the deed to the property that she says she's paid for "a million times over," Williams considers the deal unacceptable. Cheri Honkala called it "really not an offer." As such, although fears of a raid don't seem to be on people's minds, a 24-hour presence at the home is still being maintained.

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