sobota 22. srpna 2009

wannabe squatter

I was thinking of squatting, not out of necessity, but because of whatever ticks in me has lead me into this direction. There are alot of abandoned farmsteads in this area, just wasting away. I liked just exploring these abandoned places, but decided I should utilize it.

last year, I found a place that still had a house standing in favorable shape and empty buildings that I could have some animals in. But I soon found out it was just a game of cat and mouse. Just to test out the owner's presence, I would place objects around, and would soon see them disappear, so the owner was coming around every week. I wrote notes on the door at various times, saying what my intentions were, such as living there and wanting to save the place from going to waste. No notes were ever written back, no tresspassing signs were put up, nor were the doors locked. But I soon realized this owner wanted to play games, and I like to play, so we played. I would leave the garden gate opened, and every time I came back, he would close it again. He finally got tired of the gate game and just removed it, the very gate he was trying to keep shut.

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