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Professor Peter Singer has been described as the most influential and most controversial philosopher in the world.

Peter Singer

[ The University of Melbourne Voice Vol. 1, No. 1 19 March - 2 April 2007 ]

Peter Singer is a bioethicist whose work probes the ethics of how we treat animals, third world poverty and euthanasia. His most recent book The Ethics of What We Eat was published last year.

He is currently working on his response to several critical essays about his work, to be published next year under the title Singer Under Fire.

A graduate of the universities of Melbourne and Oxford, he spent many years in at Monash University before being appointed Ira W Decamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University in 1999.

He has been Laureate Professor at the University’s of Melboune’s Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics since 2005, and divides his time between Australia and the United States.

University of Melbourne Voice staff writer Janine Sim-Jones caught up with him during his current visit to Melbourne.


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