středa 12. srpna 2009

Will the Cops Raid Rosemary's? Spirits High Despite Threats on 5th - Now 6th - Day of Occupation

UPDATE 5am Wednesday - Mostly calm night - few cop drive-bys. "You're the quietest party in the neighborhood," said one. Many folks still at house, spirits good but vigilant!

4pm Tuesday--Dozens of supporters are still occupying Rosemary Williams' home at 3138 Clinton Avenue, even after a police raid appeared imminent earlier today. This morning, Williams' lawyer received an offer from GMAC: pay $5,000, or we'll send in the cops at noon. Williams refused to budge. So too, apparently, did the mortgage companies and city officials. A cancelled rally at the mayor's office led to a presence of 75 people at its height at the house, and the cops have so far decided to stay away, save a few drive-bys. Major media including CNN were at the house earlier.

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