pátek 7. srpna 2009

Scene & Heard

Eating trash in Davis

By Megan Hanson
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Meg searches for what’s for dinner.

“Ugh.” I groan and hop into the Dumpster. A surgical mask isn’t enough to defend against its foul food-stewed insides during the summer heat. I cut open some bags with a box cutter. Sweat collects under my plastic gloves. Banana peel, Starbucks cup, napkin, wrapper, half-eaten yogurt that my shoes enjoy a taste of—it’s just trash today.

“Let’s take the bread.”

It’s not an easy life fighting on the so-called food liberation front, so I’ll probably have to explain why a college kid would spend a semester scavenging for food instead of paying for cafeteria eats. Here are highlights from my past year at UC Davis:

A fateful Sunday: My roommates and I were going through a loaf of bread every other day. One of us suggested to Dumpster dive for day olds, and on the first day at the Safeway off of Sycamore Lane, we took home several artisan bread loaves: Asiago cheese, raisin-nut, olive.

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