sobota 1. srpna 2009

Bill O'Reilly Mocks Genderqueer Mayor in Oregon

Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly has long been an outspoken conservative who maintains anti-gay and transphobic viewpoints. In his latest segment he invites Megyn Kelly to discuss and ridicule Silverton, Oregon mayor Stu Rasmussen who identifies as a heterosexual transgender male for violating the city dress code in front of a presentation in front of children. The mayor fits the bill of someone who is genderqueer, preferring male pronouns, and female attire.

The segment below shows the discussion between O'Reilly and Kelly.

O'Reilly says "it's so bizarre" in referring to the story and calls Oregon a "secular progressive heaven with left-wing loons like Stu."

O'Reilly chuckles at the story, and acts surprised that "Stu has a girlfriend"

He ends with the question "do children need to be protected from the likes of Stu?"

O'Reilly acted immature and transphobic throughout the program. We do applaud Megan Kelly for not stooping down to his level and saying that "transgender people are part of society, and they are not bad people, and that people need to learn about them."

Bill O'Reilly and tell him to be ashamed for mocking Mayor Rasmussen.

Email Megyn Kelly to thank her for standing up for transgender people.

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