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Leo Fitzmaurice: temporary art interventions

Leo Fitzmaurice: temporary art interventions

Leo Fitzmaurice's "Craterform" made out of the well-known UK shopping catalogue of Argos, which sells just about everything - but the best thing in the store, this massive catalog, is free! Leo thought about all the Argos employees who worked for months to produce this glossy selling tool, and foiled their intentions with "Craterform". He explains: "Something like the Argos catalogue with 2 000 colour pages of complex design is a dark star."

From 2005 to 2006, artist Leo Fitzmaurice became a Detourist: while traveling to Berlin, London, Shanghai, Stavanger, Zurich and back to his own city Liverpool, he made around half-a-dozen temporary artworks by rearranging found materials such as catalogues, flyers, or cardboards in their own environment creating some unexpected new meanings. By placing those rearranged objects in public spaces, and sidewalks he made art in the form of small, temporary interventions. PingMag wanted to find out more about Leo’s theory behind his objets trouvés and met him at Berlin’s General Public gallery…

Written by Leslie Kuo

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