sobota 25. července 2009


While men’s fashion week is in full swing here in NYC, one gallery is taking this opportunity to do a fashion show of it’s own (with a twist). Gallery 151 on the Lower East Side is inviting viewers to come in and view “TRASHION”, the newest exhibit from the Urban Green Initiative which according to their website is:

“an ongoing series of art exhibitions, music concerts & dance performances that will encourage an artistic approach to ongoing conversations about environmental awareness.

The opening night ‘Trashion Tuesday’, will include a performance by Miz Metro featuring Crosby and saxophonist Alex Violette and a live ‘TRASH FASHION FACE OFF’ where two designers given the same recycled materials will battle to be the ‘Trashion Queen’. Live performances on the chi-chair, and games and toys made of trash to play with. Also featuring an interactive tape wall where gallery goers can become a part of the exhibit with their own tape creations, creating a community mural that will stay up and can be added to through out the duration of the show.”

The exhibit will open tonight and be viewable till August 21st, and runs in conjunction with 151 Wooster.

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