sobota 25. července 2009

Dumpster Diving: Good Way to Eat Cheap?

Jul 23rd 2009 2:31PM
By Jon Franklin

More and more people are getting laid off this year. That may sound like a broken record but it's still happening with an unemployment rate of 9.5% in June up from 9/4% in May.
Money is tight. People have different ways of treating themselves in financial binds. Singer & songwriter John Dyer bought cheap beer and drank at home. Actor Jean Claude Van Damme is said to have enjoyed Taco Bell Sundays when he was poor. And circus knife-thrower Okra P. Dingle used to make smoked oyster sandwiches on hot dog buns.
... is a good resource for residents in New York City. They have meet ups and will help you find places that have decent free food that's been thrown away.

The Freegans go beyond regular dumpster diving and offer programs or information about frugal activities, such as building bikes from found bike parts, making your own clothes, recycling computer equipment, composting, classes on medicinal wild plants and more.

For dumpster diving info in your local area, you can check here for information on meet ups around town.


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