neděle 26. července 2009

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Food waste slideshow reveals food mountains rotting away
We all know that the amount of food going to waste is an outright scandal. And it's not just about people going hungry - every plant or animal raised has an environmental impact, so letting food go uneaten hurts the planet too. For those willing to get their hands dirty, dumpster diving and 'freeganism' can be a great way to reclaim needlessly wasted resources. Check out Jasmin's post on how to dumpster dive, this short documentary about one dumpster divers experiences, or check out the clandestine activities of Secret Freegan's dumpster diving. But ultimately we need a systemic fix to the food waste problem - and that's why the photography and activism of Tristram Stuart is so important. The above photograph is one of many, showing the good, fresh produce going to waste at Tristram's local Waitrose supermarket. Click below the fold for more shocking examples.

Tristram's work is highlighted in an incredible food waste slideshow over at The Guardian - following food waste not just from individual stores, but at every level of the food chain - including mountains of surplus oranges in Florida, piles of potatoes rejected for cosmetic reasons, and perfectly good spinach left to rot in a field because of some grass growing in-between. Crucially, Tristram also follows the trail home - showing how romaine lettuce deteriorates over ten days at room temperature (left), in the fridge (center), or in a glass of water like cut flowers (right). Head on over to The Guardian for more eye opening shots - or check out Tristram's book Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal.

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