pondělí 7. září 2009

AK Bookmobile at the Providence Anarchist Bookfair!

This year’s annual Anarchist Bookfair in Providence, RI took place on August 15. Being AK’s only collective member on the east coast at the moment, I try to get out to as many of the bookfairs and radical conferences I can with a trunk full of exciting AK Press & Distro stock, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to this one. But, my pals Corey & John from the Red Emma’s collective volunteered to drive on out to Providence and represent AK Press for a day; turns out they had a great time, and were even willing to guest blog about the event for Revolution by the Book! Thanks Corey & John … and PS: AK is always interested in hearing about anarchist events on the East Coast that might be good tabling ops. Even if I can’t be there, and it’s not possible for one of our Oakland collective members to fly out, we’re always happy to work out arrangements to send stock out for events, or to try to scrounge up volunteers to table for AK! So keep us posted on what you have planned in the coming months … in the meantime, here’s our intrepid volunteers’ reportback on the event:

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