středa 16. září 2009

Default Up to life sentence for lithuanian punkrocker

Banko Anglijoje padeg?jui lietuviui gresia ilgi metai kal?jimo | DELFI <--- This article is in lithuanian nad for some reason google translate refuses to translate the page. So i just translated the text using the same translator, it has some untranslated words but you can still understand everything, i know im one lazy bastard.

On april 1, Lithuanian Mindaugas Lenartavicius participated in organised protests in London, against G20 leaders meeting. Mindaugas tried to set on fire non-combustible bank window shutters. On 21 September he will face a trial for "arson with intent to cause risk for himself and surrounding people"

The editor of magazine "drafts" was able to talk with a fellow of acused Mindaugas, and thrue him to get a hold what is going on while Mindaugas is being held in the largest prison in europe for the last half year.

On April 1-2 2009 in London, protests were held against G20 meeting leaders. We protesters started rioting and there were clashes with police. Lithuanian media reported that 111 people were arrested on April 1, And 200 people overall thrue all the protests. Maybe you could specify how many protesters were arrested in London during those two days and later released? Are there many of those who detained so far?

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