sobota 19. září 2009

Some different types of Totalitarianism, Corporate Totalitarianism

I put forward the idea that totalitarianism is more a tendency in societies than a social system into itself. The feature typifying it being the uniting of all aspects of society, all social groups, religions, into one cohesive whole with a basic message and ideology uniting them all. Throw education into the mix, as well as proclamations by folks who are at the head of the State, as well as police, etc... One vision, one people, one leader, you get the picture. The thing is that this could describe a Leftist society, it could describe a Right wing society, a Fascist society, a Theocracy, or even a pure Corporatist society. The last is especially important, as is the idea of a Leftist society possibly being totalitarian and how to avoid that possibility.

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