čtvrtek 3. září 2009

We can put something together...

’02 was an interesting time. It was a real crossroads in my life. Then again its 7 years later and I am still at a crossroads. I feel like a blind man with a blind see-and-eye dog. Anyway, friends lying to me, a dead end job, actually in a crappy band, a heavy powder and cooked up cane issue along with spotty living conditions. How did I get through all this? I swam in the nectar of beer and pornography was always around for the ride. Just like now, but minus the drugs and alcohol. Shit I got old. I guess I did drugs when I gave a shit about life. Now I’m clean, boring and I don’t care about life. Put it this way, if some thug ass thug from Highland Park put a gun to my head trying to ‘jack’ me, I would quickly ask his address, so I could write him a thank you letter for putting me out of my misery. Now take your $4 asshole as I lay bleeding to death on the curb.

Lo and behold in the fall of ’02 I ended up in Berlin, Germany. You know the place? It used to have a big wall down the middle of it. Richmond has this wall, but it is in the form of a body of water called a river. On arrival, I finally found my hostel, was given a free beer, and then slowly started to find out it was a really lame hostel. One exception, that Aussie kid who gave me ecstasy was cool. I don’t think these rip off Germans gave a shit about me because I almost burnt the place down cooking spaghetti. Not the best of cooks then. They say Hitler couldn’t cook worth a shit either.

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